Moving Out West For Love

Why is that anytime you say you have done something for love people respond with shock and judgement? How come they cover their face with their hands as the shake their heads with a strong expression of astonishment? Shouldn’t it be commendable that someone is living their life fully with an open heart rather than being bitter from all their past heartbreaks?

It still surprises me when people give me this reaction when I tell them I moved to Odessa, Texas for love.  Local residents are always curious how I ended up in this oilfield town when I do not work in the industry.  When I proudly respond to their question of “what brought you here”, they not only physically show their disagreement with my decision, but also verbal with words like: “what”, “why”, “wow”, or the best one yet “are you still in love?”

Yes it is human nature to pass judgement onto others based on our past experiences, but if we are conscious of this action and decide to change our initial thoughts, we would be supporting people rather than putting them down.

Nature has created us all as individuals with our own minds, hearts, emotions and souls.  My heart has led me down a certain path which may be different than what someone else would have chosen to do, but that is ok.  We are all different and that is the beautiful thing about being an individual! My action to uproot my life was thoroughly thought through and was not a spontaneous act. Even if it was a quick reaction, I would still be proud of the brave decision I made because I acted with love.

I have chosen to listen to my heart and follow it no matter what it desires ignoring the fear my brain creates. I have learned that if I do all things with love, then I in return am full of happiness. I have made the conscious decision to live my current life without a wall up and not allowing my past to keep me stuck with a jaded heart.

It is important to me to keep my body and soul nourished with happiness so it will bloom every morning like a vibrant pink hibiscus.  If my heart is not happy my roots will begin to rot, making me feel withered and dead inside.  It does not matter where my tropical plant is planted, as long as I feel loved.


Valentines getaway to Big Bend National Park

Before I made the move out west, my heart was straining because my best friend and I were doing long distance. It was wonderful to have the space at first to build a strong foundation based on communication, but a year apart was far too long.  I needed to feel his skin, see his pretty green eyes in person and be by his side daily, so packing up my belongings and moving to where he lived was an easy decision because my heart was not fully satisfied.

I believe it is important to cherish all things that appear into your life because nothing lasts forever.  I accept that all things happen for a reason and believe that while they are present, one should learn from it, love it or hate it.  The ocean will always rise, sweeping in what is left on the shore reminding us that everything will come and everything will go.

So why do we waste so much of our time fighting our hearts desires?

Any minute that is mine will be lived to the fullest.  Love will be abundant, smiles will be contagious and kindness will be flowing.  I am going to have the best damn time that I can while my heart is still beating.

So please…don’t judge me for the decisions that I make or the nomadic lifestyle I live.


4 thoughts on “Moving Out West For Love

  1. Powerful.. poetic and purposeful. Thanks for sharing. I too, moved out west for love. It wasnt a romantic love, but it felt that way. I moved because I wanted to feel alive again, and I wanted to feel like that little boy who dreamed about being a star. Depression had gotten ahold of me for 2 years. Family turned on me, so I went West. And I didnt regret it. thanks again. I wish you blessings and good times.

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    1. It is a bold decision to uproot yourself and move somewhere you know nothing about!! Way to go on following your heart and loving your decision! Thank you very much for reading & commenting on my post!

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