Finding My California Tribe

“Hunny you change the world every day you’re alive.” – Switchfoot

After a few years of exchanging conversations via Instagram, texts and emails I finally got to meet my girl tribe of creative makers in person! We all run our own small businesses hand making each of the items we sell, with a main message of love. We have been wishing for what seems like eternity to give each other a hug in real life and I was estactic that the universe was aligning just right so we all could finally meet! There is no better way to describe it except the stars were aligned for us girls who have wanderlust souls and are always on the road explore some place different.

I knew San Diego was going to provide some great memories when I first saw Sloane running out of her beach cottage with a huge smile on her face and arms up in the air squealing to greet me! I had been waiting years to give this girl a huge hug and it felt so amazing to finally do so! Neither of us could wipe the smiles off of our faces because we were filled with so much joy. 

That morning we sat at her beautiful hand carved wooden table with coffees in hand talking the morning away. All of the windows were opened allowing the refreshing Pacific breeze to blow in surrounding us. We had so much to talk about we kept spilling into different tangents taking us forever to finish a story. 

As the day went on our excitement only escalated because our third tribe member Vanessa who owns Crafturday was going to be arriving. When her Uber car pulled up, I greeted her in the same fashion Sloane did me. Huge hugs were exchanged and the conversations began immediately. 

Three creative souls quickly turned into six as more friends arrived for our ladies dinner party. Kestral was the other creator I had been itching to meet. She has inspired me to become more of a conscious consumer and be more mindful of were I buy my items thanks to her project Awear World. She is a lady on a mission to educate society about how our clothes are made and has a bright vibrant smile that helps convince you of her ways. 

As we sat on Sloane’s bohemian outdoor patio chowing down on our delicious vegan stir fry, I realized even more how influential all of these ladies are in the world. This group of women are powerful, independent babes who are making shifts in people’s lives. They have always inspired me from afar (thanks to social media), but after feeling their strong energies and getting to know them on a deeper level my love for them has grown. These are the types of women I want to be surrounded by always. 

The following day we adventured out of the cute cottage and explored Ocean Beach. Walking past all of the surfers, runners, and beach cruisers made me really miss living in a healthy, vibrant city. My overall happiness was lifted being there in that environment surrounded by active, open minded people and feeling the ocean air. 

We walked a few blocks to the most delicious coffee shop called ‘The Nest Coffee & Tea’ that served acai bowls. OH MY GOD they were delicious! It was my first time enjoying this tasty frozen snack and now I understand the craze over it! I am hooked and can’t wait to fill my freezer with this treat!

Literally time flew by! We had been sharing so many stories and laughs that we had missed lunch! My body was indicating that it needed some substance so we headed one block over to Raglan Public House which is known for their hamburgers and beers.  Their classic burger and sweet potatoe fries was just the kind of fuel my body was needing. Their outdoor patio was beautiful! It was covered with lush green vines and moss. Soaking up the California sun and devouring a delicious lunch with the best company was so rejuvenating! 

We had been together for just over 24 hours and we had so much sharing to do that we were almost out of time to create together! After lunch we ran over to the Ocean Beach Pier to snap some photos of the beautiful jewelry Sloane makes for her business Mermaid by Hand and also of the weavings Vanessa and I collaborated on together. Vanessa is the master ink dier and I am the creator of  the weavings.

Being surrounded by these girls showed me that there is still a fire burning inside of me. They each changed the world for me. They showed me that there are kind souls out there that truly care about your well being and will be there for you at any high or low in your life. I feel very fortunate to have meet them all and call them dear friends. They have enriched my journey in this world with inspiration, dreams, hopes and love. 

I found my girl tribe and I love them to the moon and back. 


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