What’s In My Pack??

As I get ready for my next adventure to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park, I take my time on packing my pack.  It is crucial that not one thing is left behind!  When traveling with several chronic illnesses you have to make sure to have packed all medications, the right support braces for your body, and plenty of clothes because temperatures can change so drastically and you do not want your body to go into fight mode to protect itself from the elements.

Here is a list of my MUST HAVE items when going on a hiking adventure:

  1. Osprey Talon 11 Hiking Pack – Very comfortable and does not make my back pain worse
  2. Keen Hiking Shoes
  3. Smart Wool Hiking Socks – these thick, natural wool socks provide extra dense cushioning for warmth and comfort in cool weather. BEST SOCKS EVER!
  4. Reusable Water Bottle
  5. DSLR Camera with the super cute Love Birds LA Camera Strap
  6. Kinesiology Tex Gold Tape – Helps prevent my knees from hyper extending, allowing me to be more stable with a decrease of pain.
  7. Sunscreen – Kiss My Face (chemical free)
  8. National Park Passport Book with Access Pass (Free pass for those who are disabled that allows you to get into all National Parks for free)
  9. Young Living Essential Oils – ‘Stress Away’ to help keep me calm and ‘Lemon’ to add to my water to help detoxify me.  I love using the pure, 100% natural essential oils.
  10. Nuuns – great source of electrolytes
  11. ‘Wandering Traveler Keychain’ handmade by Nature Bound to help keep me inspiring to explore
  12. Biofreeze
  13. Eccolo Journal – A beautiful bound book to jot down all of your thoughts and memories from your journeys.
  14. Camelbac Bladder
  15. Easton Hiking Poles

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