Santa Fe, NM (CO Part 3)

Bring a wallet full of money the next time you head to the beautiful southwestern town of Santa Fe, New Mexico!  The history is rich here along with the amount of local talent. This colorful city is filled with so many creative artisans it is almost overwhelming.  Everyday they  line the Santa Fe Plaza, sit on street corners and fill the Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market.  It is nearly impossible to not want to buy something from every vendor!

At the Santa Fe Plaza, the artist line one street of the block daily. They sell gorgeous pieces of jewelry for both women, men, children and also home goods. Buying an item from an artist themselves is much more special than getting it at a department store because the craftsmanship is so unique. You can feel all the hard work and love they poured into making that item. Plus you  are helping support that maker and their family.

Tip: If you go to the plaza at about 4 o’clock you are more likely to get a better deal. The artist start to packing up around 5 o’clock each day and they are more likely to negotiate a better deal with you before they leave.

The Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market was by far my favorite place!  If you are a turquoise fanatic like myself, you will be giddy at all the pieces the vendors offer and at a wholesale price! You get the most bang for your buck while still purchasing high quality pieces, which how can you beat that??

It was so enjoying taking my time, wandering by each booth ‘oohing and awing’ over all the beautiful jewelry and talking to each vendor about the stories that are embedded in each creation.  If I could, I would have purchased 100 pieces that day!  I fell in love with so many beautiful and unique pendants I just wanted to add more and more to my turquoise collection!


So excited to be wearing all of my new turquoise!!

We stumbled upon the famous Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis post lunch one day. As you entered through the heavy wooden doors and into the chapel, a weight lifted off your shoulders. You could feel the strong faith this church held and all the history that lied between the walls. Inside this elegant chapel, the walls shined from the colorful stained glass windows.  It was filled with people who have traveled near and far to see this church where a miracle had happened.

In the Loretta Chapel stands the ‘Inexplicable Staircase’. As the story goes, when the chapel was built, there was no way for the nuns to get to the choir loft which was on the second story without using a ladder. So they prayed for 9 days for someone to come build a staircase for them. Sure enough a man came, built a stair case then disappeared without being paid.  He built this stair case in the most unconventional way. There were no railings, no central support, and it was so narrow that it took up half the space a normal staircase would have taken. Today architectures are still puzzled at how this spiral stair case was standing!  It was truly a miracle that is was not only built this way, but also used for 8 years until railings were added.

Outside of the chapel a stood a beautiful blooming pink Crepe Myrtle tree. Every branch was filled rosaries from people who have come to visit this holy church.   

The Mysterious Spiral Stair Case

I am so grateful we had the time to stop at this city that thrives off creativity during our Colorado road trip (Part 1 & 2).  It is by far the best place I have been to that sells exceptional turquoise jewelry for a fair price!  Hopefully our travels will bring us back to this special city so I can continue to add to my collection!


Palacio Cafe – Sitting across the street from Cathedral Park is this delicious quaint cafe.  They serve both breakfast and lunch. The kids even loved it and said “Cafe’s are tasty!”

Plaza Cafe – in the Santa Fe Plaza is this tasty cafe that had a wonderful dinner menu.


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