Colorado Part 2

Our adventure to Colorado will definitely be a vacation Seth and I will always remember. We were fortunate enough to have the kids for the whole week of Spring Break and Seth be able to take the time off from work. You could see in his eyes how happy he was when the kids were back in his arms.  The windows to his soul expressed that his heart was finally full again. He had both of his loves, the children and his girl, together in one place.

With one week off that meant we had to do as many fun things as possible together!  We had a lot of miles to cover, but we made sure to have fun as we drove north to Parker, Colorado.

On the first leg of the trip we stopped in Amarillo at the art instillation called Cadillac Ranch. It was the perfect activity to release all the kids pent up energy.  They turned into little graffiti artists spray painting their hearts out all over iconic Cadillac’s.  I would have never thought they would have enjoy art as much as they did, but it taught us all that art can be fun and interactive!

That Saturday night we laid our heads down in a small New Mexico town called Clayton.  There were only a handful of restaurants and a few places to sleep, but our stay there was just what we needed before we began our next 6 hour leg of the trip.

Of course we can not stay on our route for long!! If we see something that pulls on our hearts and gives us that feeling to GO, we don’t question it and just do it wither it be a dirt road leading up to a cliff or to a National Park.  Time is never really a factor, we just believe it is important to discover things along the journey.  And the good ol’ highway I-87 lead us to Capulin Volcano National Monument. This once active volcano has stunning views of both of the New Mexico landscape and down into the crater where lava once flowed.



That Monday we were finally settled in Colorado.  We relaxed with Martha, Seth’s mom, and his father Mr. G and the kids. It was wonderful to spend a day just enjoying each others company.  We also had a birthday to celebrate! The littlest of the crew turned 6 the week before which meant she needed a Gardner style birthday!  She was tickled to open up presents for the third time with family she doesn’t get to see much and have yet another birthday celebration. I told her as families merge you adopt new traditions and one of the Larkin traditions is to celebrate your birthday for at least one week. She was thrilled and obviously took to this tradition this birthday, carrying on the Larkin ways happily!

Seth & his wonderful parents

Ginger with her new American Girl doll she got for her Birthday.

On Tuesday we took a trek through the Garden of The Gods which is in Colorado Springs. Wow was that a beautiful place! Huge sandstone rock formations towered over us with a beautiful sky blue backdrop.  These rocks are some of the oldest formations in the United States dating all the way back to 1330 BC.  Walking through the trails I could feel a powerful energy coming from the rocks.  The history that sits there, the evolution of the lands, and the people who have traveled through those trails all radiated off the structures.


On Wednesday we took a drive into Denver Museum of Nature & Science. This 3 story museum is filled with so many interesting exhibits from gems and minerals to prehistoric dinosaurs to chocolate! Everybody had their favorite section. I enjoyed the gems and minerals, Kekoa loved outer space and Kerby the Labradoodle like the wildlife exhibit the best, especially the Black Bears.  You could spend a whole day or more at this amazing museum.



I think everybody was anxiously waiting for Thursday to come. We created this vacation for this very day alone! Thursday was SNOW DAY! Which meant the kids were wound with anticipation! They had never really seen or played in snow before and their excitement was contagious!

We had to head up into the Rocky Mountains to find the snow. As we trekked higher and higher up into the mountains the landscape was covered with a heavier blanket of snow. Right past the small and incredibly cute town of Georgtown we found our perfect sledding hill. It was not too steep, but just high enough for the kids to pick up some speed. The six of us were bundled from head to toe with a smile plastered on our faces the whole time.  Snow angels were made, sliding races were done,  and snowball fights were had. The kids kept saying “this was the best day ever”.  Kerby also had the best day of his life.  He was running around like he had lost his mind! His protective instincts kicked in when the littlest, Ginger and myself would slide down the hill.  This was not OK! He would try to take the sled away from Ginger and stop us from sliding down the hill.  There was so much joy, happiness and laughter from this day I think it will all be etched in my memory for a lifetime.

299 copy

378 copy  

Of course the day we have to leave, a snow storm rolls in through Parker. The town was covered and as we drove away in tears because we all did not wanted to leave, it continued to fall. It made for a beautiful drive out of the state, but even harder to leave.

This road trip was absolutely amazing not just because of what all we did, but because of the company.  Yet again my heart has been won over by the road!


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