#7 South Llano River State Park 

This crew does not stop moving! Whew… It’s exhausting at times, but also exhilarating. We have the philosophy that time should not be wasted so let’s keep moving, grooving, and making memories. 

Before we even got back from our Port Aransas trip we were brainstorming ideas for things to do that Sunday.  We had one day left together as a whole before everyone separated and went back to their other homes.  We knew we still wanted to be immersed in water and feel the sun on our skin.  Surprisingly in the hill country area there are not many water holes available, but there was one that had been on our list to check out.  The South Llano River State Park (#7)!

The crew (minus myself) were all first time floaters so this was an exciting new activity.  We did not come prepared with the tubing necessities, but the park provided tubes we could rent.  This is like us though.  We tend to just go and figure out what we need along the way later rather than worrying away all the details before the adventure even begins.  For instance we didn’t think to bring a life jacket for Kerby so Seth engineered one with noodles and some rope.  He was a trooper and could care less that he looked like a ninja turtle, he was just happy to be with his pack.   

The tubes were thrown into the water and plop we went into the cold river.  The first dip in the water was freezing, but once the sun heated us up, the water felt very refreshing.  There were a few small rapids that kept the river flowing and provided a little bit of adrenaline rush.  Nothing too wild, just a nice peacefully 2 hour float. 

Why swim when your mom will share her tube with you.
The whole crew having a good time!

Post river float and lunch in the Road Barge, we took a dip in a little water hole we saw off of a road.  There were several groups of people who were also getting in touch with their inner river rat side just bobbing away with a cold drink in hand. 

Can I just say it was absolutely wonferful! We relaxed in waist deep water while the littles had a blast playing in the shallow rapids.  I can still feel the happiness in my core that I experienced sitting in that pool with others who were having a beautiful day. 


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