Our Last Summer Vacation: Port Aransas/ #6 Mustang Island

“Do the thing you think you can not do.”

Worried. That was our main emotion the evening before our departure to the gulf coast.  My body had other ideas besides packing for our next adventure.  For some reason it thought that being curled up next to the commode after a few bits of food would be more fun.  Fortunately, but also unfortunately, my boyfriend found me semi unconscious on the bathroom floor.  His strong muscles swooped me up, carried me to bed, gave me all of my post spell necessities and let me relax.

All I could think about was how I HAD to get better fast!  My full bag of tricks all had to be used to recover quickly like drinking nuuns, gatorade, meditating, and that also meant attempting to eat again.

An hour of meditating and I was ready to sit at the dinner table for round two.  Seth cooked his first ever baked potato (whaaat?!) for me in hopes my stomach would tolerate it.  About half way into dinner I felt a shift in my body.  My legs were going numb, my head was feeling depleted of blood, and my body was going limp.  I said “Seth” in a panic and out I went.  Thankfully he was right there to catch me as I fainted and for the second time in one evening he carried me back to bed gracefully.

I hoped so badly that in the morning I would feel different.  That my body would be up for traveling.  I could not miss our last summer vacation before the kids went back to school and Seth back to his old work schedule.  This was an important trip!

Thankfully come morning time the universe was back on my side.  Thrilled to be joining the crew, we loaded up the van and headed to my old stomping grounds, Port Aransas, TX.

Day 1:

Excitement was flowing the the road barge (the green van) as we headed down I-37.  Excited to go to the beach and excitement to pick up my little sister Sam who was going to join us for the day. Once we got to town and checked into our homey Air Bnb condo, Sea Isle Village Condominium, we took the kids straight to the beach.  We had a blast boogie boarding, getting sandy, and laughing.  We ended the evening with a beautiful sunset dinner on the water with a full table of family. My dad and his wife were able to join us for the evening.  It was so nice to have both of my worlds meet for the first time.

Sam and I!
Sam and I!
Sand Castles, waves, and tiny clams
Sand Castles, waves, and tiny clams


Day 2:

Whatever you do watch out for Portuguese Man O’War!  They may be pretty, but STAY AWAY!  We learned the hard way to not swim down stream of a Man O’War that has washed up on shore.  Even though they are dead, their long tentacles are still filled with venom and can easily wrap around an extremity.

Within the first ten minutes of arriving to the beach, the littlest of the kids got stung badly by one of these creatures!  We tried everything to ease her pain.  Poor thing had to witness her dad peeing on her, then had to stick her hand in a bucket of her brother’s urine, sat in a hot bath and take some medicine.  After all of these treatments, this sweet girl was still in excruciating pain.  Finally, the trick to suck the venom out of her system was a baking soda paste.

You could say day two called for family snuggles, movies, and helping the littlest feel better.

Day 3:

Since we are on our State Park challenge, it was a must that we visit Mustang Island State Park (#6).   This portion of the beach is less crowded and kept a little cleaner.   We had a wonderful few hours relaxing on shore.  Meditating on the beach reminded me how much I miss feeling the salt in the air and hearing the constant noise of the waves.

“Take my hand and follow me to the places I long to be”

That afternoon, we rented the brightest painted golf cart.  It was so much fun to feel the wind blowing in your hair.  Cruising on the beach in our new ride made us feel even more alive!  I don’t know who had more fun, Seth or the kids!

Having the golf cart was definitely the highlight of this trip.  Especially when we took my 82 year old great aunt for a ride!  Seeing the joy on her face as we drove her around town was worth all the money in the world.  You could tell she too felt excited and alive again! Both her and O were clapping and squealing the whole ride.

Top spots I suggest for your next adventure to Port Aransas:


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