#3-5 West Texas State Parks

“Rear view windows and endless adventures. Love and wanderlust. Mountains on the horizon and desert dust back roads.  To roam is home.”      – Sarah Loven

For as long as I have known, my soul has yearned to wander.  It seems like I can not stay in one place for too long before I get the itch to go somewhere new.  I crave adventure and feeling the high from discovering not only a new place, but also something new about myself.

Looking back at the trip I took to Balmorhea State Park with my boyfriend, his three kids and his father, leaves me amazed.  I ventured out to west Texas during the SUMMER (usually very hot), did a eight hour drive (which is terribly uncomfortable for my body pain), camped in the middle of no where, and did a long hike on the side of a mountain.  Typically summer months leaves me house bound.  The wonderful scorching heat sucks every cell of energy out of me.  So the fact that I did something outdoors during this time of the year, deserves a pat on the back.

Honestly, I am impressed with the strength I had to conquer this trip.  I learned more about my mental and physical strength, stamina, and ability to let go of fear on this journey.  Any part of this trip could have easily put me over the edge and into a bad spot, but there was no room for fear.  By letting go of that constant hoovering feeling, I ended up having a very moving, enjoyable trip.


Onward to our third State Park!! The van is loaded, the crew is on board, Kerby the Labradoodle is sitting on the backseat, and the trailer is in tow.   We are heading out west once again to cool off at (#3) Balmorhea State Park which is one of the world’s largest spring-fed swimming pools.  Year-round the water stays at 72 to 76 degrees.  It was very refreshing when the outside temperature was in the 90’s!  People drive from all over to dive into the crystal-clear cool pool.

I would not have wanted to stay anywhere else except for the park.  Being amongst the bunnies, cacti, and beautiful Texas sky was rejuvenating.

Balmorhea swimming pool!
Sharing a wonderful moment with this special girl.
Sharing a wonderful moment with this special girl.
Early morning rising at the camp site.
Early morning rising at the camp site.

One morning we headed 20 miles west to Fort Davis to hike in the (#4) Davis Mountain State Park.   We started on top of the mountain and hiked down towards our car (great decision).  The 1.75-mile CCC trail was absolutely breathtaking!  Desert lands with mountains in the distance.  The energy that was flowing throughout the park reminded me of Sedonia, AZ.  There was a strong vibration that could be felt in your core and I truly believe is what helped me get through this tough trail.

About half a mile to left in the hike, I hit a wall.  My energy tank was quickly approaching empty and there was no where to go but to keep moving forward.  Seth tried to hide his nerves, but I know he was starting to panic.  We had three littles with us that he had to care for, and then me, who could collapse at any moment.  The crew ran on to collect more water for Mr. G and myself so we could take our time finishing the trail.

Mr. G and his new knees could not carry me the rest of the way so I had no choice, but to finish.  Many deep breaths, laughs from Mr. G’s stories and self affirmations were said to help carry me the rest of the way.

I absolutely pushed my body and mind to its limits that day.  Making it to the end was a huge accomplishment.  This time last year I was house bound and now I am traveling and hiking!  I never thought I would be doing something like this, yet I did it and made it to the end!

Right off the end of the trail was the (#5) Indian Lodge State Park which was a beautiful 80 year old white adobe hotel that radiated history.  It would be a lovely hotel to stay at if you were wanting more of a five star hotel experience.

On top of the mountain ready to go for life changing hike!
“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.”

So much was done and much was learned on this four day adventure.  We crossed of three State Parks, saw new places, pushed our bodies and vehicles to the limits and mostly had fun together!


4 thoughts on “#3-5 West Texas State Parks

    1. Thanks for reading Mr. G! haha I like that you used that nickname for your username! I had a wonderful time camping with you! Thanks for all the laughs along the hike, they helped me push through it!


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