#2 Old Tunnel State Park

Thanks to all the rain this past Spring, the Hill Country was very green.  Even into the summer the grounds were still luscious and vibrant which is very unusual for this time of year.

Just 15 miles east from my home in Fredericksburg is the beautiful Old Tunnel State Park.  It is an abandoned railroad tunnel that sits in the Hill Country that now houses 3 million Mexican free-tailed bats and 3,000 cave myotis.  They had a wonderful viewing area for visitors to sit and be in awe as the bats spiral out of the tunnel at dusk and head on into the nights sky.

The nature trail was amazing!  It was about 1.5 miles which is the perfect distance my body can take.  There was a small path through foliage, huge trees and flowers.   The small inclines and rocky parts made it feel like I was actually hiking without it being an excruciatingly long distance.

An extraordinarily green trail for summer time in Texas!
An extraordinarily green trail for summer time in Texas!
Mom joined the crew on today's excursion!
Mom joined the crew on today’s excursion!

The crew and I had a wonderful morning experiencing a beautiful place that is so close to home.  It is rejuvenating taking small excursions and uncovering jewels that are FREE and are right in your back yard.  One evening, we would love to go back to watch the bats fly out of the tunnel and eat at the Alamo Springs Cafe which has been rated one of the top three best burger places in Texas by Texas Monthly!  Yum!

We are excited to circle State Park Number 2 on our Texas map!


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