#1 Pedernales Falls State Park

I would have never guessed that this summer would be my best summer yet.  Typically the summer heat is like a death sentence for me, but not this one.  This summer I showed it who’s boss and kicked it’s ass.

The crew, which is my boyfriend, his kids, my labradoodle named Kerby and me, had no clue that we would go on so many adventures this summer, thanks to the Texas State Park pass.  When one purchases a pass it gives you free entry to all Texas State Parks amongst other perks for one year.  This was our golden ticket for an amazing summer.  It would give us a ton of memories, laughter, and an exciting challenge!

Looking at the map with all of the pins of State Parks scattered across the state sparked our interest.  What if we try to go to as many State Parks as we can in the next year?  There may be over 90 parks in the state, but who cares, it is a challenging goal to set.  The crew and I are competitors and like a good challenge.

With our Texas map out and pen in hand we circled our first State Park together: Pedernales Falls.

We visited Pedernales Falls State Park at the end of May.  The weather was perfect.  Not too hot, but the sun was still shinning bright.  The hiking trails were a little beat up due to the Memorial Day flood that swept through, but they were still fun to explore.  Unfortunately we were not able to get into the river since it was rapidly moving, but we still sat on the river bank and had a oriental pedicure thanks to a school of minnows.

We gave thanks to the park and said our goodbyes.  Onward we must go!

Pedernales River
Pedernales River

On our way home we spotted the PERFECT swimming hole on the side of the road. A waterfall was flowing into crystal clear water bank.  It was so beautiful we could not resist, but jumping in… even though it was on someone’s private property.  Thanks to the flood, their fence was knocked down so we could play the “oh we didn’t know” card if we got caught.

Sometimes it is ok to break rules.  In this case it was a must! There was a refreshing waterfall that we had to get into!

Doing something illegal felt exhilarating.  It made me feel alive!  For the first time in a long time I felt normal.  Having excitement rushing through my veins made me feel like my old self. The one who did not have her illness on her mind every second.

For that hour I did not have any thoughts or worries looping in my mind concerning my illnesses.  I was fully engulfed in the moment.  Laughing, smiling, and enjoying the special moment with my crew.  It was worth taking the chance, because this little spot was the best part of the trip.  I will always remember this waterhole bringing me so much joy and happiness.

Plus my two year old doodle swam for the first time!  That was an accomplishment in itself since he would never get in past his ankles.  He must have secretly brought his flippers this time!


Go do something out of your comfort zone, you never know, it may lead you to a wonderful memory that you will always cherish.


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