26th Birthday to Marfa, TX

The past five birthdays I have wished to get better. Birthday number 25 had a load of expectations with it that this wish would come true.  I hoped that I would be one of the lucky POTS patients who would out grow the condition around age 25 or 26.

My 25th birthday candles slowly brought me the magic I was wishing for.  Towards the end of my 25th year on this earth my body was starting to stabilize.  I was moving in the positive direction of better health.  This could only mean that birthday number 26 would be even better!

On March 31st, it was just my boyfriend and I in his perfect little trailer.  He had me smiling from ear to ear as he sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.  Gazing at my candles I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude.  I now have an amazing loving partner,  more good days, a stable body, happiness, and we were about to embark on a trip together!  I blew out my candles, thanked the universe and said onward to the birthday journey!

Driving through the desert landscape with the windows down, feet hanging out, I wcompletely relaxed. I watched my love drive onward towards the mountains and my soul felt complete bliss.

Have you ever had a feeling where your soul is completely and utterly happy? Where there is no way possible your happy meter can go any further? Being on the road with my love reassured me that this is exactly where I needed to be. The universe was granting me my wishes

Nothing but happiness as we head out west
Nothing but happiness as we head out west

This year for my birthday trip I wanted to go to Marfa, TX.  I had heard it was full of art and creativity.  They have art installations set up in the middle of no where that you had to go search for.  This peaked my curiosity and I NEEDED to go see it!  I was giddy with excitement to load up the van and head out west.


089 copy
Found some beautiful & calm wild horses on the side of the road.

We spent three days in Marfa exploring the quiet streets.  The town felt like as if it were stuck in time, but then the hipsters were invading and revamping the city trying to make it a hip place.  They were bringing in yippee tourists from all over the world into a small town that only has one stop light. The vibe in the town was interesting.

We visited the Prada Art Installation which was outside of town sitting on the side of the desolate road.  It was interesting seeing someone’s random idea come to life and become such a popular attraction.  Out in the middle of no where there was then a beautiful white building housing an expensive collection.

Prada's 2005 Fall Collection sitting on the side of a bare desert road.
Prada’s 2005 Fall Collection sitting on the side of a bare desert road.

Next stop was to Donald Judd’s 340 acre property.  He was an artist from New York City who got tired of the city life, moved to Marfa and then out the town on the map for booming artists.  The Chinati Foundation houses his 15 untitled works of concrete, 100 untitled works in mill aluminum and other artists collections.  Minimalist art for me is difficult to interpret, but it was interesting to see his creativity and how he helped make a change in the art community.

The Chinati Foundation was also transforming an old military hospital into a new work of art.  This hospital still had life in it.  You could feel the spirits of those soldiers who stayed there.  When you walked on the ground and touched the walls, you could feel their presence.

Donald Judd’s concrete sculptures
The Road Barge (van) sitting pretty in front of an old hospital.
The Road Barge (van) sitting pretty in front of an old hospital.

I have lived in Texas all of my life and had yet to experience the desert lands of west Texas.  It was a wonderful trip seeing part of my state I had never seen before.


6 thoughts on “26th Birthday to Marfa, TX

  1. Kirstin, I am a childhood friend of Seth. I am so happy for the both of you! Your writing touches my soul. You are a beautiful spirit!
    I am also so very happy for the children to have you both in their lives! Our families may have to meet up one of these days to do a road trip! We love traveling too, but I confess being a former flight attendant, I usually fly!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Debbie for taking the time to read my blog and leaving a comment. I truly appreciate your words. I feel blessed to have Seth in my life and his beautiful children have added a spunk to my life that I didn’t have before! I would LOVE to take a road trip together! We are hoping to visit Hawaii soon so hopefully we can meet sooner than later! Much love!


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